Friday, 29 October 2004

Ok la Ok laa..cite sket..

Assalamualaikum to all..

Long time no hear from you all, and it has been a very long time since I've seen this blog of mine. How long has it been, 2 weeks? Yeah I guess so. And lots had happened during that duration. But no, I', not going to blab about what happened between 15/10 and now. No way! That would be too many things already. Heh.

OK papehal pon, aku baru baik demam. Exactly one week ago, demam teruk gile. Memula Selasa sebelum tuh selsema sket. Well, teruk gak actually. Then alhamdulillah dah ok la. Skali Jumaat tuh, tetibe kene ujan la plak on the way nak gi class. Nak gi PBL actually. Then masa dalam PBL tuh la, badan menggigil cam hape, tulis pon tak betol time tuh. I didn't even bother to take off my jacket. It's too cold for me even in the room. Then kene gi solat jumaat kat Goldsmith Hall. Kene ujan lagi. FYI, my jacket takdek hood, yang ade hood and waterproof tinggal kat rumah sebab masa kuar rumah tuh tak ujan lagi. Then I was like, couldn't even concentrate on the khutbah at all, not that I can understand what the khatib was saying though. Hehe. After that, was thinking how am I gonna go home. I definitely not going to practical Histology that day, no way. So gagahkan diri jugak la ngan kaki melecet yang sangat sakit sejak sahur. Huhu. Skali kawan sorang nih ajak balik naik bas sebab still hujan. Tunggu bas punya la lama, dekat setengah jam baru sampai.

Got off the bus 20 minutes later. Had to walk home. Another 25 minutes spent. Usually it will take me about 15 minutes but with this pain of blistering finger, it took me longer. Plus the rain. Bayangkan bape lama aku kene ujan. Sampai jek rumah memang aku terjelepok terus atas katil. Terus tak sedar apa dah sampai maghrib. Huhu. Masa2 camtuh la aku rasa cam nak balik Malaysia jek. Hehe.

Then the next day I felt a lot better. Managed to get myself out of bed after several hours in it.
Alhamdulillah. Then malam tuh gi rumah cousin, dia buat kenduri tahlil + terawih + baca yasin + makan2 sket. Yours truly kene jadik imam la plak. Tak penah buat tapi kene la buat jugak. Alhamdulillah all went well.

Err...actually I had a lot to talk about in my mind but time restriction la plak. Got approximately one hour until my PBL session and I haven't done much research and I'm the chairman for today's discussion. okeh la kawan2. Sori la takleh nak update selalu and banyak sangat. Nanti ade free aku singgah comp lab lagi and update bebanyak. Eehehe..Oh by the way, orang2 kat Malaysia, takdek rasa nak anta kad raya ke kat aku di kejauhan ini? Ahahah :P


Friday, 15 October 2004

Class started


Phew, alhamdulillah finally I got a hold of one of the computer in this TCD comp lab. Semalam punya la lembab, alhamdulillah today's fine. Actually my class not until 11 a.m, well, its not class actually but PBL group discussion. But I came early because of a slight misunderstanding of today's schedule. Got out of home rushing in the coldness of the morning air. I even breathe out wisp of vapour and it did come out everytime I spoke.

Today's the 1st day of Ramadhan. Huhu, fasting in foreign country, as a foreigner, for the 1st time. Yesterday my parents called. It was great to hear my parents and my sis' voice again after almost 1 week of quite a hectic and tiring days. After that, I couldn't stop myself from imagining how are they doing back there in Malaysia. Sahur pon bertiga, ok la, berempat or berlima kalo Mak ngan Kaknis join skali. And nanti dengar kata raya pon, Abah, Mama ngan Adik ngan Mak je la yang balik kampong. Kaknis kene kerja la plak. And I'll be here. Maybe until next summer. Unless I decide not to go back to Malaysia during the summer vacation.

Well. Sorry for the long moment of silence. Takdek net la plak kat rumah, nanti baru nak install. So takleh update selalu sangat. Pagi tadik sahur nasik goreng kampong. Tengah malam semalam aku dah makan, nasik putih, telur goreng ngan ikan bilis goreng, all cooked by yours truly laa. Then makan pon sorang. Ye laa, dah tengah malam, kawan semua dah tido. Aku plak takut tak terbangun jek sahur kang so sahur la awal2. Kalo kat rumah bleh la tak makan tengah malam, ade Mama kejut, kuikui :P.

So okeh la. Gonna continue my research for the discussion in half an hour time. Until next time.


Friday, 8 October 2004

Registration Day..


So how's life been treating y'all today? Hope everything is fine. I am fine alhamdulillah. Just got back from the mosque for Friday prayer. My 1st Friday prayer in a place so alien for me. Everything is different. Well, not really different actually. Of course the way we pray is the same(duh!). Its just that, last week, I was praying beside those with the same colour and they speak the same language as I speak. But a week later, which is today, everyone here is different. There are lots of Arabs, Negro and some Malays. And of course, they are big! My friend, who happened to pray beside them, heh, often got thrown back whenever they ruku' and i'tidal. Hahaha. Me? Luckily on my right was a black man(I dunno he was from which origin), and to my left was a Malay guy. A student. My senior but he studied in RCSI. But I met him last Wednesday. So I know him already.

Oh yeah, me and my 2 housemates walked to the Mosque in South Circular Road. About 15 minutes walk. And it was raining. The rain here is not like in Malaysia where sometimes it will be a heavy downpour. Here, the rain was just little. Apa orang kata, gerimis..haa. And usually not for a very long time la. The khutbah was perform in 2 languages : Arabic and English, and I can't catch up most of what the khatib was saying, both english and arabic, haha. Dengar je la. After the prayer, there's a canteen that served Tandoori food for 6 Euro. Pergh. The aroma was really tempting. Luckily I didn't bring any money. Or was I being unlucky? Heh.

Err..actually I wanted to tell about the registration day today. Well, got out from house at about 840 am. And the weather was very cold. Everytime we spoke, there's mist coming out of our mouth(is 'mist' the correct word?). I used to watch that only on TV, but today, it actually happened to me! Hehe. Met other 2 friends at the bridge in front of the Portobello College. So, arrived at the TCD main square about 40 minutes later(we walked). Met En. Azman of the JPA along with other JPA students who had already registered themselves. Then I realised the four of us were facing quite a problem. We haven't hand in the medical checkup forms. That means we cannot register just yet. Aiseh. We havent been told of that either. Just knew about it at that time. So we just hand in the form to this woman, and get back to her next Tuesday or Wednesday. Then we went to the Admission Office to get our Orientation Pack. After picking up our schedule at the Health Science Faculty, we walked back to the main square. I registered for the Islamic Society and the Canoe Club. Can you believe it? Me? Canoing? Hehe. Just wanna try laa.

Then me and Mambang walked back home, waiting for 1 pm to arrive.

I think I heard Radzli and Mambang said they want to go out and buy some veggies, mayo and some other stuffs. I think I'm going too follow them. Can't stand not doing anything in this house, I'll be so freezing, not moving a lot. But then, its cold outside too. Sigh..

Erm, I think that's all for now. Can't think of anything to write. Writing in English really limits my idea of words. Kalo dalam Bahasa Melayu, rasanya banyak lagi bleh tulis nih, heh. So, okeh..

Wassalam..(signing off at 345 pm)

Wednesday, 6 October 2004

Happy Anniversary!!


This is my 80th entry, so Happy 80th Entry Anniversary to my blog!! Haha..what? What did you expect? heh..

Today, I went to the City Centre. And today, I caught a cold(is 'caught' the right word?). But then, alhamdulillah its just a minor subsided in the afternoon. Today' s morning was just like any other cold!!

Then, at about 11 a.m, I walked to the city together with my 2 housemates. Its my 1st time being in the city centre. There was so many people. Very happening. And we went into a..should I call it a shop? Penneys is the shop's name. The jackets there were quite cheap, if you see it in euro that is. Then we met some friends of my housemate. He accompanied us and showed us the way to TCD. I was looking at my future tertiary education institution and I still can't believe that I am here already. Pergh, sometimes I've been thinking. What kind of future that is in store for me in this college? Hmm...anyways, the 'field trip' was very nice.

Afterwards, we walked to RCSI coz the other guy wanted to attend the registration that was going on that time, for the 2nd years. After performing Zohor prayer, he decided to come back later coz that place was too crowded with students with the same intention. So he took us to lunch in an Arabic shop called "Hot Chilli". Heh, I managed to devour a plateful of rice with a quarter of Tandoori chicken. Eheh. Talk about serious energy depletion here, or is it energy usage?. Its very cold here you get hungry very quick.

Before that we went into Meteor shop. Its should I put this..kedai jual sim card laa. so now I have a new number to be used here. 00353857111307 is my number. So any meteor users who know me, SMS me quick!! Heh. Dont be too stingy, SMS between us meteor users are free and you know that!! Kuikui :P

Err..out of ideas..going to take a short nap before dinner. So, okeh la..lenkali plak. Sorry for my broken English. Tengah try nak buat entry dalam english plak. Nak try improve my english in-syaAllah.


Tuesday, 5 October 2004

Alhamdulillah dah sampai


At last dapat gak aku bukak page nih, dari pagi tadik aku try nak bukak sampai kejap tadik tak bleh nak bukak, skang la baru bleh. Erm, skang aku kat ruang tamu rumah baru. Hehe. OK, meh cite sket.

Malam tuh tido kul 3 pagi. Kul 345 pagi mak aku kejut suh bangun. Dalam kul 410 pagi tuh gi mandi and siap2 semua. Pastu jenuh la kejut2 sedara mara yang ade kat rumah aku time tuh, suh mandi. Punya la susah mak aku kejut, haha. Sian mak aku. Ouh ya, malam sebelum aku fly tuh, ramai gile sedara mara datang. Yang jarang datang umah aku pon, tetibe aritu datang. Seronok gile aku rasa time tuh.

Okeh, then dalam kul 510 pagi, gerak ke KLIA. Memula ingat nak kuar dalam kul 430 pagi, skali memasing tengah makan la, mandi la apa la. Heh. Dalam kereta memasing senyap, aku ngan abah aku jek dok borak. Aku bukan apa, taknak ah tido sebab time tuh sejuk gile aircond.

Sampai KLIA dalam sejam lepas tuh. Sampai jek tengok dah ramai orang tengah beratur kat kaunter C17. Aku tunggu punya tunggu dah kul 630. Gi la solat dulu. Abih jek solat, tetibe aku dibagitau yang nama aku dah dekat 3 kali dipanggil. Huhu, cuak gile aku. Terus aku gi jumpa encik tuh and then mintak passport ngan boarding pass. Selesai tu, dah timbang beg semua, jumpa la makcik2 and pakcik2 yang datang dari rumah. Amik2 gambar semua. Pastu cousin aku datang ngan kawan2 dia. Haa.sebbaik la kawan2 dia ramah, kalo tak, aku borak ngan dia je la. Heh. Thanx ah ye Wani sebab datang, menyusahkan kamu. Hehe.

Dalam kul 730, gerak gi gate. Time tuh agak sebak sket. Salam makcik2 and pakcik2, salam opah, salam adik, salam akak, salam and cium Abah and Mak. Time mintak diorang redha aku nak pergi tuh la aku hampir nangis. Eheh, tapi still bleh kontrol. Aku skang agak mampu nak kawal emosi nih. Hohoh. Terasa cam famous gile ah time tuh. Lepas jek dari barrier passport tuh, kumpul jap, then naik aerotrain.

Naik plane dalam kul 9. Tapi take off kul 930. Time tuh best la jugak. Gile ah, aku rasa cam naik roller coaster masa plane take off. Dengan bunyi enjin yang power gile pastu thrusting force lagi, hoho, rasa cam nak lagi. Eheh :P. Dalam tuh, 1st thing aku check TV depan mata ngan TV guide. Layan Spidey 2. Hehe. Then main game la, dengar radio la. Tido. Brunch ngan Lunch yang diorang served, aku mintak yang western jek. Padahal ade jek nasik lemak and nasik lauk kari daging, hahaha :P. Aku still tak tuka time kat jam aku. So dalam kul 9 lebih waktu malaysia, sampai ke Heathrow. Kirenye kat situ kul 315 la. Agak sejuk, aku ingatkan sebab aircond dalam bangunan yang tak tutup pintu, rupenye memang sejuk. Then terus gi x-ray barang la apa la. Then dalam kul 5 tuh(ok, start skang aku guna waktu sini la ye?), gi ke terminal untuk transit. Plan asal masuk plane kul 715, tapi plane lambat due to strong wind. Dalam 8 lebih sket, baru gerak. Tapi time tuh ngantuk gile sebab kat Malaysia dah pukul 3-4 pagi. Memang time tido. Tido jek la. Rupenye 45 minit jek. Sampai kat Dublin Airport, lepas immigration, amik beg, Ipin dah tunggu. Finally sampai gak ke Ireland. Rasa cam tak caya jek aku kat negara orang skang nih.

Sampai umah, lepas solat and angkat beg, makan la. Then tido.

Pagi tadik bangun. Radzli ajak gi tengok2 pekan. Dia bawak aku ngan Mambang sementara dia on the way nak gi kelas. Tapi kitorang tak gi jauh pon. Gile sejuk wehhh!! Sampai aku takleh rasa hidung aku kat mana. Haha. Dah jalan tuh aku ngan Mambang balik rumah. Plan tengah ari kang baru kuar cari duvet. Dah masuk pekan, jalan2 dulu jauh sket ke depan lagik tapi tak banyak mende tuh makin ke depan. Coz makin banyak rumah. So patah balik, beli duvet and then balik. Masa jalan tuh, memang rasa terasing sket la. Ye la, ramai orang diorang. Orang Malaysia time tuh, aku rasa, aku ngan Mambang jek. Tapi kata Ipin, tuh sebab aku tak tengok kat City lagi. Maybe sana lagi ramai orang kite kot?

Cadangnya lepas solat nak masak lunch la kan, skali memasing konon nak try duvet baru. Hampeh, sedar2 dah kul 6. Haha. Tertido la maknanya tuh. Dah la kul 630 nak kene gerak gi Malaysian Hall. Sebbaik la Radzli balik. Kalo dia balik lambat, tak bangun la kitorang. Heh.

Kat Malaysian Hall. Ade briefing sket. Then isi borang untuk Malaysia Embassy. Then makannn. Elok la tuh, kami pon dah lapar nih. HEhe. Pastu lepas borak and beramah mesra, balik jalan kaki. Angin kuat gileeerrr!!! Sejuknye lagi, rasa naki melayang lagi. Hehe. Exaggerate la nih.

Sampai rumah, baru la layan net lepas minum air milo panas. Borak2 then update. Hehe, pendek gile aku citer. Sejak bila aku pandai summarise aktiviti aku nih? Maybe sebab aku dah tak bape ade idea kot. Tambah lagik ngan sejuk nih. Taip pon selalu salah huruf. Tangan gigil. Amik wudhu' ke, nak mandi ke, memang termenung jap depan shower. Bagi biasa dulu ngan sejuk bilik air pastu baru mandi. Even ade electric shower, tapi bila abih mandi tuh, sejuk balik ah badan nih. Huhu.

Okeh la. Tatau nak cakap apa. Takleh nak call sesapa lagi sebab tak beli nombor tepon lagi. Calling card pon tak jumpa lagi kedainya. Tunggu la dak2 nih free baru best jalan ngan diorang. In-syaAllah dah ade semua tuh senang la sket kot.

Nak bukak akaun bank pon takleh lagi sebab kene register dulu kat uni baru bleh bukak akaun.

Erm, okeh la. Kang lagi banyak plak. Nak solat and then nak tido.

(signing off at 1140pm local time)


Saturday, 2 October 2004

The moment approaches..


Pekaba? Bape lama alku tingal mende nih? Selasa aritu last entry kan? Ke Isnin aritu? Entah le..tapi takdek la banyak mana pon mende yang aku buat sepanjang aku tak update nih, cuma takdek idea apa aku nak tulis kat dalam blog nih plus rasa malas la plak..kadang tuh dah nak update, skali bukak mende² lain, tambah plak keinginan nak main game, tambah plak ngan sifat suka tangguh keje, yang buat aku tangguh nak update..sori ah ye encik blog? Hoho..

Anyway..apa yang dah jadik? Takdek banyak. Tapi main event yang aku memang err..rasanya payah nak lupa ialah bila aku dah shave..ahaha..sapa² yang pernah nampak aku before aku shave, tak kenal la muka aku kot. Takdek lain sangat pon, cuma kurang ensem jek dari dulu, hahaha :P. Gile ah, 1st experience weh. Masa tuh aku nak gunting rambut skali, so gi barber, suh dia shave. Masa dia shave tuh, hati kecilku menjerit,"Tidak, tidak, tidAkKKkKK!!!!". Haha, melebih² plak aku nih. Tapi serius la. Nampak lain sket la. Aku sendrik pon jadik tak kenal ngan muka aku masa memula tengok cermin lepas abih tuh. Heh..

Siang tuh, aku gi Shah Alam. Jumpa kawan² aku and sepupu aku gak. Tapi this last outing was definitely not the best outing ever. Ntah ah nape. Tapi balik tuh memang aku rasa tak seronok langsung. Banyak mende yang dibuat tak jadi according to plan. But then, takdek sapa yang patut dipersalahkan pon. Kita hanya merancang, Allah yang menentukan, kan? So redha je la nak taknak pon. Adelah hikmah di sebalik semua tuh.

Rabu..takdek buat apa..dok rumah jek. While my parents gi buat medical checkup untuk gi haji nanti. Bawak opah aku skali. Aku dok umah. Jaga rumah la katakan. Hehe.

Khamis. Kuar sekejap gi tabung haji. Gi kuar duit. Nak tukar jadik Euro, tambah sket lagi duit yang JPA dah bagi. Orait la. Alhamdulillah ade la duit lebih sket, tak banyak pon tambahnya.

Jumaat. Semalam la. Kemas² beg, siap timbang ngan bathroom scale tuh. Orait la. Hand luggage lebih 2 kg dari yang diorang tetapkan. Huhu, lantak la. Dah takleh nak buat apa pon. Yang check-in luggage plak ngam² jek 20 kg. Heh, padahal member² aku yan gdah sampai sana bape orang dah cakap takpe kalo lebih pon. Well, aku taknak cari masalah, baik ikut je la apa diorang dah tetapkan tuh. Nak nyesal sebab tak bawak lebih tuh, kemudian² la. Hoho. dah selesai solat Jumaat, gi post office ngan Abah, gi poskan buku² sebab buku² tuh beratkan be sampai jadik 10 kg. Heh, mana bleh. Dah tuh gi tukar duit dah kuarkan semalam tuh. Then balik la. Before gerak tuh, tetibe nampak 2 surat kat windshield kereta. Satu bil tepon(abih la aku, Abah bukak depan² aku, tuh la satu mende yang aku sangat fobia, eheh), satu lagi surat dari JPA untuk aku. Bukak², rupenya diorang pulangkan balik agreement tuh, sebab aku lupa nak sain kat tempat yang aku patut sain. Huhuh, kantoi la gini. Esok dah nak gi. Apa la. Tapi sebbaik tuh jek, yang lain okeh alhamdulillah.

Malam gi Putrajaya. Bukan gi JPA, JPA mana bukak malam², heh. Gi amik akak aku then gi umah makcik aku kat sana. Balik jek dah dekat pukul 10. Sampai rumah tido terus ah. Ngantuk.

Bangun pagi jek tetibe tengok ade 3 mesej kat tepon. Tetibe dapat satu mesej yang berisi ala² ugutan gitu. Err..aku rasa aku takyah la nak cite mende nih secara panjang lebar, biar aku jek yang tau. Heh, terasa cam artis plak dapat SMS blackmail nih. Heh. Tetibe jek.

Okeh la, tatau nak cite apa dah. This entry will probably be my last entry in Malaysia. Esok lusa update lagi in-syaAllah tapi kat tempat lain la plak dah kan. Huhu. Never imagined that the day would actually come. But then, alhamdulillah gak la the day has come. Mula la perjalanan hidup aku yang baru. To all kawan² yang tengah and nak exam, good luck! All the best to us all. In-syaAllah kejayaan sentiasa di tangan kite selama mana kite berusaha and berdoa kepada Allah, tak dilupakan juga hubungan dengan Allah kene jaga jugak. Tuh yang penting. Ingatan kepada diri sendrik la nih.

Malam kang maybe ade la beberapa sedara mara terdekat datang bertandang. Cadangnye nak anta aku esok pagi, in-syaAllah. Erm, kul 5 pagi la kot bertolak dari rumah. So..that's all. Mintak maaf segala salah silap. Doakan aku selamat pergi, selamat dalam perjalanan, selamat masa blaja kat sana and selamat balik. Kepada sapa yang ade buat salah kat aku, aku dah maafkan korang, buatpe marah lama², buatpe simpan dendam lama², tak elok, buat penyakit jek hati nih, kan?

Kepada sepupuku Nurazwani Robaai(heh, nama penuh aku tulih nih), selamat blaja la ko. Nanti kite keje sama² ah ye? Hoho.